Reaching Out

Reaching Out Breast Cancer Program is committed to ensuring that no woman in Delaware County goes without access to vital breast health services.  Women receive breast health information, free clinical breast exams, and free mammogram referrals if they quality   Participants attend programs located in various community and business settings or scheduled clinics at Cancer Services of East Central Indiana – Little Red Door.

We Can Help!

  1. Are you 40 years or older?
  2. Need a clinical breast exam?
  3. Need a mammogram?
  4. Have no insurance coverage or ability to pay?

Programs/Clinics are conducted in a variety of settings throughout Delaware County on a monthly basis from Februarythrough November.  Confirmed dates will be distributed as information becomes available.  Refreshments, games, gifts, and childcare are provided.

For more information , clinic dates, mammogram assistance, or to have a program at your organization or place of business, please contact us.