Planned Giving

You can join the growing group of individuals who are remembering Cancer Services of ECI – Little Red Door in a will or another planned giving vehicle.  You and your financial adviser may select a gift that balances your needs with your personal circumstances and wishes.  There are many gift planning options that work to provide substantial support while creating tax and income advantages for you and your heirs.

Some ways to create your lasting legacy with Cancer Services ECI – Little Red Door include:

  1. A bequest through your will
  2. Life insurance proceeds
  3. As a beneficiary in your retirement plan
  4. A trust-based contribution
  5. An outright gift to Cancer Services ECI – Little Red Door

In making your planned gift, it can be as easy as stating:

“I bequeath Cancer Services of East Central Indiana, Inc. – Little Red Door, 2311 W. Jackson St. Muncie, IN 47303, a not-for-profit corporation serving cancer patients through programs of service and education, the sum of ($________) to be used by said corporation for its general purposes.”

*Remembering Cancer Services ECI – Little Red Door in your will, 401K, life insurance policy, or IRA will help cancer clients in the days, years, and decades ahead.