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“Thank you so much for paying for my mammogram this year. It has been really difficult being unemployed and underemployed for several years now and no insurance. It is a great relief to have that done and everything looked good. Thanks again!” ~ Anonymous

“When my father was in need and going through chemo treatments you guys were angels. Your kindness and caring way helped us so much! Thank you for your dedication and service.” ~ Maria


“I cannot tell you how thankful for your help last Friday. I had just left the cancer center for the first time and had more concerns about who, where and how of this whole process, and upon arriving at your Muncie facility your organization went above and beyond with such kindness and generosity and the overall experience You showed was way beyond anything I had ever experienced. So with a grateful heart and the sincerst Gratitude. Thank you and God Bless each of you. ” -Marcus